Arsenal Denmark Live – My ASP.NET MVC3, HTML5, JS, …, Ninject, and SignalR Adventure

During my 7th semester as software engineer student at Aalborg University last year, a friend of mine introduced me to ASP.NET MVC3 and SignalR – since that time I have been hooked on trying to make a system that could take advantage of at least these two technologies. The result of that is Arsenal Denmark Live – an interactive social real-time live match coverage system -ish.

Basically, Arsenal Denmark Live enables the official danish support club of Arsenal FC, Arsenal Denmark, to cover an Arsenal match in real-time such that other users signed in can get live information about what is happening in the match. The system includes over 10 different match events, e.g., goals, substitutions, bookings, corners, injuries, etc. Besides being useful to share what is happening at the Arsenal match, the system also allow users to interact before, during, and after the match. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In the next days (read: months) I will try to settle down a bit on programming new features and start focusing on improving the existing. Furthermore, it is my goal to share some of my experiences and lessons learned via my blog.

Stay tuned 😉

( A preview of the system is available at: )

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